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At The Thomas More Project we value our employees very highly so a job with us comes with a number of benefits.

Can you help people with learning disabilities to live the life they choose?

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Can you volunteer?

If you want to help people with learning disabilities, make new friends, learn about health and social care or just get involved with our community – join The Thomas More Project team of volunteers.

> Help improve someones life.

> Meet lots of new people.

> Gain experience in social care

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A Day In The Life Of A Support Worker at The Thomas More Project

I was asked to describe an average day in the life of a Support Worker at Thomas More. Firstly there is no average day and no two days are ever the same and that’s  what makes the job so interesting!

The morning shift starts at 7am and mornings are always busy. After a hand over with the night staff we help the residents get up, most need no assistance but some need help bathing and dressing.

We then supervise them in the kitchen making their breakfast with them and then make sure all the laundry is up to date. On a weekday we will need to support them to getting to college or other activities. It can be great fun, some days you’ll go swimming, others a coffee morning: it depends on what the residents want to do.

Back at the house we then help the residents to prepare lunch.

Afternoon shifts are generally quieter, especially just after lunch which can be a good time to catch up on paper work or some cleaning! Activities are usually organised at the house if the residents have not gone out for the day, the residents at college will also need collecting.

Dinner time is a cooked meal that we encourage the residents to help with, after they have helped clear up sometimes they go to an evening club or one of the Support Workers comes in to sing with them, sometimes they just relax and watch the soaps on the telly!

Later in the evening we support the residents in getting ready for bed; most can dress and go to bed on their own but some will need assistance. The shift finishes at 10pm when the night staff take over.

Elizabeth Hancock