About Us

The Thomas More Project

The Project was founded in 1982 by the families of people with learning disabilities from Roman Catholic parishes in Bristol who felt that their relatives deserved better than the limited care and services that were available at that time.

We are no longer exclusively a service for Roman Catholics and welcome individuals of different faiths or no faith. Nonetheless, we value our connection with the Roman Catholic church and retain a broadly Christian ethos.

We set out to enable those who use our services to live the life they choose and to be valued members of the community.

The Trustees

The Thomas More Project is governed by our Board of Trustees Our Trustees develop a meaningful strategic vision with the people we support at the heart of it, while our Project Director and Management Team ensure the effective implementation of this strategy on a day to day basis.

Our Trustees are:

Peter Dunford –Chair

Victoria Kaye – Deputy Chair

Paul Stevens – Trustee

Elaine Hicks – Trustee

Philip Kemp – Trustee

Glyn Davies – Trustee

Mary Sprawson – Trustee

Martin Jenkins – Trustee

Philip Burnside – Trustee

Beverley Charles -Trustee

House Committee

Each of our homes has a House Committee of volunteers who play an important role in the Governance of the Project, complementing the more strategic, Project-wide approach of the Trustees with their strong connection with and commitment to each individual home. Members of the two House Committees give their time and energy to help ensure that services are provided with the residents’ best interests at heart.